Jin Tai Chinese Restaurant
Entrada 4 Sabores

4 Flavored Entrance

Langostinos Arrebozados

Battered Prawns

Uñas de Cangrejo

Crab Claws

Alitas al Vapor con Tausí

Steamed Chicken Wings with Tausi

Pollo Multi-sabor

Multi Flavored Chicken

Pato 5 Sabores

5 Flavored Duck

Cao Yoc

Cao Yoc

Balsamina con Tausí

Balsamine with Tausi

Pescado 5 sabores

5 Flavored Fish

Pescado al Vapor

Steamed Fish

Salmon en Preparación Especial

Specially Prepared Salmon

Conchas de Abanico al Vapor con Fideo Chino

Steamed Scallops with Chinese Noodles

Nido San Bao

San Bao Nest

Chaufa Hawaiano

Hawaian Fried Rice

Bandeja de Sandía

Watermelon Tray

We make any speciality dishes that are out of our list with previous anticipation.